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Beginner’s Guide To SEO Marketing

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SEO marketing refers to the processes of customizing a web site according to the algorithms that enable it to emit signals to the search engines whenever it is clicked on. And this allows ranking. SEO Belgie helps by making a website to be the fastest and to be fetched by search engines each time an Internet user types a search query. A highly ranked website attracts more visits to the site.

The main search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These engines work with the highest speeds digging deep into loads of information available on the Internet to instantly retrieve and display the most appropriate answer to the millions of search queries entered by users on a constant basis.

What a beginner needs to know about SEO Marketing

Why is SEO important?

It makes the contents available to search engines, therefore, making the business visible to the Internet users. It facilitates ranking of the website which attracts increased traffic to the site. It is a useful tool that enables a business to not only withstand the stiff competition but also to stand out as the best to the consumers. It spurs the growth of the business because of increased the exposure to the target market which is normally already on the Internet. SEO

It is cost effective and does not restrict the number of users to be reached. It saves consumers’ time because they have quick access to the needed product information. It is good always to keep an SEO updated because of the changes in the market

Pillars of SEO Marketing

As a beginner to SEO marketing, it is desirable to start by understanding the components of SEO marketing. These six pillars will help you understand everything you need to know about it SEO marketing.


This is the word or phrase that is unique to your website. It is that first word that pops up when a search query is typed. Good use of the right keyword facilitates the fastest search results and boosts the ranking of your website. Highly ranked websites are the most frequented and with the highest sales.


When writing good quality content for your website, ensure that it is written in grammatically correct English. The sentence structure should employ the use of clear short sentences that are well punctuated. There should flow and coordination of words from one paragraph to the other.

Social media

Social media sites send very powerful influence to search engines. It is a great advantage for internet businesses to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap chat just to name but a few.

Product image

Consumers do not just read the content but are also very keen to look at the product images posted on your site. Ensure they are of good quality with clear backgrounds and good lighting.


These can be created by networking with most common blogs and by providing regular press releases. This will maintain quality links.


Meta tags

These help in determining the relevance of your keyword to the search query.…

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