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Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been used in the past for spiritual purposes. They give you that feeling of euphoria, and they now used for recreational purposes. When it comes to magic mushrooms, it is advisable to take them responsibly.

You need to remember that just like any other euphoria causing drugs, it is advisable to practice caution. Magic mushrooms are taken in parties or in the company of your friends for experience. Here are some tips for using magic mushrooms responsibly:

Your Mood Matters

mushrooms magicBefore taking magic mushrooms, you need to know that your mood plays a huge role. It is advisable to take the magic mushrooms when your mood is good. Magic mushrooms tend to amplify your current mood.

If you are in a happy mood, they will make you happier. It is not advisable to take them in a depressed mood because you will end up more depressed. It is all about knowing yourself so that you can benefit from the mushrooms.


There is no standard dosage for magic mushrooms. It is advisable to know your limits and how much you can take. Knowing your dosage will help you to determine how much you can take. However, you should not go overboard.

It is advisable not to exceed 2.5 grams and especially when taking them for the first time. For first time users, you are likely to experience nausea in the first 30 minutes of ingesting the mushrooms. With time, you will learn how much you can handle.

Eat First

Before you take magic mushrooms, take a proper meal. You need to nourish your body, and your stomach should not be empty. Taking a full meal is a good idea so that your body can handle the effects that will come with magic mushrooms.

When you take a proper meal, the psilocybin will be absorbed easily. You will also avoid the adverse side effects that come with the mushrooms like nausea.

Avoid Other Drugs

Before taking magic mushrooms, make sure that you do not have other drugs in your system. Any other drugs that alter the functioning of your mind are not advisable. The mushrooms bring an intense feeling, so the last thing you can do is combine them with other drugs.